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This Barry Manilow website was created in November 1993 by Max Bokking from the Netherlands
And Yes,  this website exist  over 30 years.

as an extension of the Dutch Barry Manilow FanClub wich was founded in 1978. After Barry performed in Amsterdam we got permission from the international FanClub.
This website is an appreciation for the music and crafmanship of Barry Manilow.
This is a fanpage, NOT the official page.
Barry Manilow sold more the 90 million albums.
Won a Grammy ,Emmy, and a Tony award and has been nominated for an Academy Award®. Barry Manilow is one of the world’s all-time bestselling recording artists. He’s had an astonishing 50 Top 40 singles, including 12 #1s and 27 Top 10 hits, and is ranked the #1 Adult Contemporary Artist of all-time, according to Billboard and R&R magazines.
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Barry Manilow was born Barry Alan Pincus to Harold Pincus and Edna Manilow. His mother's family was Jewish, while his father, who was often known by the surname "Keliher," was born to a Jewish father and Irish American mother. Barry's name was changed to Barry Manilow at the time of his Bar Mitzvah, adopting his mother's maiden name. Reared in the community of Williamsburg in northern Brooklyn, Barry attended nearby Eastern District High School, from which he graduated in 1961. In the same year, he enrolled in the Juilliard performing arts school, while working at CBS to pay his expenses.
Barry Manilow has release over 75 albums since 1973.  
Originals,  but also re-recorder alltime hits from the 80's, 90's and more.
Barry's catalog of singles is so big we lost count. But there are more the 400 singles released worldwide.
Here the first and latest single release.
Barry Manilow is still doing his shows in Vegas. But now and then he's on the road.
You wanna know where?
Here are the latest shows for Vegas:
Sep. 14th -  15th - 16th - 21 -  22nd - 23 2023

Every year YOU can choose a concert picture which we use on our website.
Last year you choose a great picture by Sean Duddy. And the new one is...
If you made this great picture, please let us know.
If you want to add your picture for next year?
Sent your best concert pictures to:
There are so many clips on youtube. BUT we only show you the official clips by Barry Manilow.
From "Mandy" to "Dancing in the Isle"

You love to see all the great pictures from Barry.
Well, here you are in the right spot.
We've selected so many great picture, taken by fans and friends.
For over 25 years Bruce Sussman and Barry Manilow worked on their musical "HARMONY'.
Finnely it will hit broadway.
From november 18 you can see this great play.
Harmony is about 6 young guys whe fought their way out of the war in the 30's and 40's.
Well, how that ends...
More: Harmony

The Manilow Music Project is created by Barry Manilow
Read the whole story about this great organisation that helps the kids in schools to learn to play an instrument.

The Ultimate Barry Manilow top 40
is created by www.barrymanilow.nl ic with
View the latest list

Las Vegas in where the magic begins. And on top of that you will find a great time with Barry Manilow in the house.
Take a look at the dates at the westgate.

As a BMIFC member go to BarryManilow.com
Not a member
Fifty years seems so far away but with the release of some Barry albums it is still 1973. " Manilow1 released"in Gold pressing (and sold out already) in May and "Trying to get the feeling" in red pressing  a month later. It's time for a new release!  "Even Now" in blue pressing  for august and "This ones for you"in gold pressing and all numbered finds it release  in September. All releases are numbered from 1 till only 2000. So, order as fast as you can.

Scheduled to take place at Palm Desert’s McCallum Theatre, "Manilow’s A Gift of Love VI" concerts will feature his hit songs and holiday favorites for the sixth time to benefit 25 Coachella Valley charities. His past holiday concerts have surprised audiences with a children’s choir, Santa Claus, and even snow!

Barry Manilow has his own fanclub. That's the Barry Manilow international Fanclub
In the past there were loads of local FanClub. There are still a few but most of them turned info a facebook or other social platforms.
Click Here to see all the social club wich we  can call well trusted

The official stop for new and exclusive Barry Manilow merchandise.
Update your fan wardrobe with the all the latest fan collections from the Manilow Shop.

You can contact us via email.
Please, we are NOT Barry's assistance.
We don't forward messages to Barry or his staff.
Questions about tickets or mechandise,  please check www.barrymanilow.com

Barrymanilow.nl/ Email: info@barrymanilow.nl./ All photos are used with permission.
Site created 1993 by Max Bokking /Update: January 2024

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