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First of all, to our man , Barry Manilow, have a Happy Barry Birthday for you with all the love  from the people you love and from all of us here in Mani- land. And me.. Max

This is A FANSITE for and by Barry Manilow fans.
(So, Not his official website)

This is the longest running website for the greatest entertainer in the music bizz.

Barry Manilow sold more then 85 million Lp's/cd's
If you live in the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Krotatie, Japan, Brasil, Mexico,Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Germany, Italy, UK  or France and even in Belgium or the Netherlands.  

>WE are here for YOU<

We provide you with all the latest newz YOU want to know about the greatest entertainer in the world.

B A R R Y   M A N I L O W




Website created by Max Bokking 1994. Most pictures used by permission. Special thank to Dan Lornitis. Update ; June 2022
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