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Socials - Local clubs
In this world of music every pop group or singer has a Fan Club. Sometimes it's a club ran by the artist management and sometimes a fan gets permission to start a Fan Club.
In the past we had permission to start the Dutch Barry Manilow Fan Club. But that changed in 1986 when some members thought they were more important the the artist.
In that time there were loads of local club, like Mani-modems...

Then we have all the Facebook clubs and groups.
Groups most of the time have a Privit setting.
The list below are respected groups. If you see a club and want to join. Please, check here.
There are a lot of scammers( created a fals BM page) on facebook who want to sell illegal merchandise or steeling your info or asking for money.

If you think you facebook page or Barry groups is missing here please sent us an email.

More on social media Email: All photos are used with permission.
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